AAT ACRYLICS can transform PLEXIGLAS® acrylic into domes, tunnels, cylinders, curved and corner panels using thermoforming, bonding and annealing techniques.


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where the raw sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, then formed to a specific shape in a mould. This process is used to create tunnels and curved panels, along with other interesting shapes.


Bonding is a process joining two or more panels to extend their length / size to achieve the impressive feature panels. More than just gluing, bonding is a chemical process which alters and resets the molecular structure of the acrylic panels. The bonding reaction is temperature and time controlled so that once complete provides a bond of excellent strength and clarity.


Annealing occurs both during the original panel manufacturing and also following some of the value add processes of lamination and bonding. The process of slowly heating and cooling a panel to consume any rest monomer in the cast panel and to relieve any internal stress in the panel following value add production takes place in a low temperature oven. At the end of the process the internal chemical structure is cross-linked providing a structurally sound and quality product.

Acrylic Installation

The AAT ACRYLICS team are experts at on-site acrylic installation and ensuring that each and every product is displayed perfectly. Our installers care about what they do and consistently achieve an optimal visual result from their acrylic installation.

Acrylic has many properties that must be taken into consideration when planning the installation. A major consideration is the thermal expansion and contraction which can result in dimensional changes. From our experience in the aquarium industry we know that when acrylic is not installed by the professionals with the right materials you run the risk of leakage, as well as a visually poor finish.

Our acrylic installers are professionals, they have installed hundreds of acrylic panels in all kinds of shapes and sizes. By choosing AAT ACRYLICS, we want you to be assured that you have selected a professional and efficient company who offer a high quality service.

If you have any questions about the installation process please contact the AAT team.

Experience Counts

Installing large cast acrylic sheets effectively, on-time and within budget requires skill, precision and nothing but the best materials. Our experienced team have been among the very few too complete one of the largest acrylic panel installations in the world. This massive panel is located within Resorts World at the Marine Life Park, Sentosa.

  • Acrylic Installation: Resorts World, Sentosa Guinness
  • World Record: 2012-2014
  • Dimensions: L 36m x H 8.3m
  • Thickness: 720mm thick
  • Weight: 260 tons