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AAT Attends IAC Vancouver

The International Aquarium Congress (IAC) 2016 trade show is hosted in beautiful city of Vancouver. The Congress takes place September 25 to 30 at the award winning Vancouver Convention Centre and was hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium. Advanced Aquarium Technologies have some very exciting news to share at the show, as we announce the launch of AAT ACRYLICS.


26th September 2016

PLEXIGLAS® will be manufactured under license from its inventor, Evonik Industries of Germany, with sales, marketing and distribution via new unit – AAT ACRYLICS. 

SUNSHINE COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA. Australian Founding Director of ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES®, John Langmead, has secured a license from Germany’s Evonik Industries – one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies – to manufacture PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic at a new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art production plant in Guangdong, China.

John Langmead, CEO of ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES®, with Dr Gerd Jonas, Director Project Business and Wolfgang Stuber, Manager Project Business of Evonik Industries at the AAT ACRYLICS production plant in Guangdong, China.

High quality, large format acrylic is immensely strong, clear and versatile. It is commonly used to make viewing windows, domes and tunnels in aquaria, swimming pools, zoos and for other innovative architecture features. However, in recent years major construction projects have sometimes been held up because global production of high quality, large format acrylic can’t keep pace with demand. This initiative is driven by ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® desire to give its clients greater control over the timing of their projects.

We decided that the best way to help clients regain control of the timing of their aquarium construction projects was to increase the world’s supply of high quality, large format acrylic. So that is exactly what we have done. Our production capacity will be able to serve many other acrylic uses and applications too,” said John Langmead, CEO, ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES®.

From its headquarters in Kunda Park on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® has established itself as a global leader in the design, construction and operation of large scale, iconic public aquaria.  The company’s projects include Denmark’s award-winning National Aquarium, Den Blå Planet, which contains 7 million litres of water and 20,000 animals in 53 exhibits, as well as other major and innovative aquariums in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and, more recently, Oman.

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic is one of the world‘s most precious and versatile plastics. The high quality acrylic is approximately 17 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter, more impact resistant, far safer on impact, optically superior, offers 20% more insulation and is far more versatile thanks to bonding, thermoforming and annealing techniques.

The brand new, state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar, 6500 square meter PLEXIGLAS® manufacturing facility has been created over the past year in Guangdong, China. The production at the new plant will commence in September 2016.

The plant is located within ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES’ existing 30,000 square meter fabrication facility where they produce Life Support System equipment and FRP exhibit tanks complete with rockwork, all of which facilitates the turn key delivery of aquarium projects. This Research, Development and Production operation, first established in 2008, now employs 108 technicians and support staff, including Design and Engineering, Drafting, Electrical, Construction and Fabrication, Water Quality, Animal Husbandry and Theming specialists from Australia, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong.

Luciano Antonini, Operations Manager (AAT), Dr Gerd Jonas, Director Project Business (Evonik Industries), John Langmead, CEO (AAT), Wolfgang Stuber, Manager Project Business (Evonik Industries), Martin Van Dijk, Design Engineer (AAT) at the AAT ACRYLICS production plant in Guangdong, China.

Sales, marketing and distribution of PLEXIGLAS® acrylic supplied from the new facility will be provided through a new unit, AAT ACRYLICS, which will also supply off-the-shelf, standard-sized PLEXIGLAS® sheets and panels.

More than merely a ‘product-supply unit’, AAT ACRYLICS will also serve as a resource for designers, architects and other creative professionals from diverse industries to explore new possibilities and shape innovation on major projects using large-form acrylic panels, windows, tunnels and domes.

“We know from our own experience in aquariums that the magic happens when creative talent collaborates with technical experts. At AAT ACRYLICS we want to facilitate collaborations between the innovators responsible for conceiving big ideas, designs and concepts and the experts and technicians responsible for the necessary engineering, manufacturing and installation logistics,” said John Langmead.