Acrylic Services

AAT ACRYLICS can take a standard flat sheet of ACRYLITE® acrylic and turn it into curved and corner panels, tunnels, cylinders and domes by using bonding, annealing and thermoforming techniques.


When a large acrylic panel or feature is desired, multiple surfaces or edges may need to be joined via bonding. This process starts by aligning the panels so that they are ready for pure resin to be added between the two surfaces. The bonding reaction is then monitored whilst put being put through an oven run, which is temperature and time controlled allowing the resin to cure. Once the procedure is complete the structurally sound and seamless panel created is truly amazing.


To create interesting shapes like tunnels and curves, a panel must go through a thermoforming process. This manufacturing method involves heating the flat sheet to a set temperature, making it flexible and then forming the shape into a custom mould.


Annealing is the process of carefully heating and slowly cooling the acrylic to alleviate stress and form a structurally sound panel. Annealing is used when manufacturing cast block acrylic and when bonding multiple surfaces. Studies have shown that annealing can increase bond strength by more than 50%.

Acrylic Installation

Since gaining years of experience installing acrylic in the aquarium industry and having installed hundreds of panels all over the world, our highly trained team of installers are experts when it comes to waterproofing, leveling and setting panels as well as sealing around the rebated areas, ensuring a water tight seal is achieved.

By working with the skilled and knowledgeable AAT ACRYLICS team, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional service and high quality finish on your next project.

Featured Install

Dreamworld’s very own Tiger Island features a curved acrylic panel, allowing a thrilling underwater view of the playful tigers. This unique acrylic panel was installed in just over a week, after the rockwork was built and rebates were formed.

  • Acrylic Installation: Tiger Island Dreamworld, Australia
  • Dimensions: L 12m x H 1.5m
  • Outer Arc: 12508mm
  • Thickness: 60mm thick
  • Weight: 1.6 tons