AAT ACRYLICS - Dreamworld Tiger Island Acrylic Panel

12M Curved Acrylic Panel, Tiger Island

Dreamworld’s new, multi-million-dollar tiger enclosure features a curved acrylic panel that is 12 meters long. This panel was supplied, bonded and thermoformed by AAT. The large viewing window will allow the audience to see amazing underwater action as the tigers swim and play during the educational shows.

The new living space has been developed with an emphasis on interpretive areas, visitor experience and improving the visual aspect of the presentations. The space will house 14 magnificent tigers and assist in encouraging empathy and educating visitors about the endangered tigers in the wild. Tiger experiences and donations from the public assist the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation in the conservation of tigers worldwide.


Curved Acrylic Viewing Panel

  • Type: Thermoformed acrylic panel
  • Arc: 12508mm
  • Length: 12,000mm
  • Height: 1,500mm
  • Thickness: 60mm