Our Company

ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® (AAT) is one of the leading international aquarium construction specialists. At AAT we dedicate our expertise to providing premium aquaria infrastructure, developing specialist techniques as well as designing and manufacturing equipment. With expansion in mind the founding directors saw opportunity to increase the world supply of large format, high-quality, acrylic and have since launched AAT ACRYLICS.

The inventors of ACRYLITE®, Evonik Industries of Germany, have granted AAT ACRYLICS a license to cast acrylic panels in our purpose built factory. The ACRYLITE® sheets produced are ideal for various applications including aquarium windows, swimming pool windows, animal exhibits, sound barriers and other design features.

In 1996, after years of off-shore collection diving and senior aquarium management, John Langmead established ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® (AAT). With John’s passion for the ocean and a wealth of experience with sea life, AAT has succeeded on an international scale, delivering projects in Dubai, Denmark, Lithuania, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. AAT provide an extensive range of specialist services including made to order life support systems, waterproofing, theming and rockwork, commissioning and maintaining public aquariums.

Trademarked in 1976, ACRYLITE® is a well-established, premium brand of acrylic. ACRYLITE® acrylic panels are made to exacting standards, offering outstanding optical characteristics whilst maintaining its original strength. This innovative plastic is absolutely colorless whereas alternative products like glass can carry a green/smoky tinge. We guarantee our ACRYLITE® sheets against yellowing for 30 years so that exciting details will retain original clarity for many years to come.