AAT ACRYLICS Attends IAC Vancouver Image

AAT Team at the IAC Vancouver

The AAT team are excited to attend the International Aquarium Congress (IAC) this September and announce the launch of AAT ACRYLICS. The IAC takes place once every four years and is a great opportunity to showcase and share new technologies and innovations. To learn more about AAT ACRYLICS, visit our stand (413) from September 26 to 30 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

AAT Acrylics Official Release

26th September 2016

ACRYLITE® will be produced under license from its inventor, Evonik Industries of Germany, with distribution, sales and marketing via new unit – AAT ACRYLICS. 

Australian Founding Director of ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES®, John Langmead, has been granted a license from Germany’s Evonik Industries – one of the world’s largest specialty chemicals corporations – to manufacture ACRYLITE® brand acrylic at a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Guangdong, China.

John Langmead, CEO of ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES®, with Dr Gerd Jonas, Director Project Business and Wolfgang Stuber, Manager Project Business of Evonik Industries at the AAT ACRYLICS production plant in Guangdong, China.

Large format, high quality acrylic is perfectly clear, extremely strong and versatile. Applications for acrylic includes tunnels, domes and viewing windows in aquariums, animal exhibits, swimming pools and other ground-breaking architectural designs. With a wide array of applications and the increasing number of major construction projects, the global production for high quality, large format acrylic has been in demand. ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® initiative to increase acrylic supply will allow clients more certainty when it comes to their projects timeline.

ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES® has established itself as the world’s premier aquarium specialist for design and construction of large scale, public aquaria. The company’s projects include Chengdu’s latest attraction, the Cube Oceanarium, which contains 10 million litres of water and 10,000 animals in 62 exhibits, as well as other major aquariums in China, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently, Oman.

ACRYLITE® acrylic is a versatile plastic that retains optimum transparency and clarity even when exposed to the elements. High quality acrylic is stronger than glass, approximately half the weight, safer on impact, more impact resistant, optically superior, offers more insulation and is far more flexible thanks to thermoforming, bonding and annealing methods.

The new, multi-million dollar, five thousand square meter ACRYLITE® manufacturing facility has been setup over the past year in Guangzhou, China. Manufacturing at the state-of-the-art plant will officially commence in September 2016. The new AAT ACRYLICS unit will specialise in the supply and installation of ACRYLITE® sheets, offering a range in thicknesses between 30mm to 225mm.

The facility is located next to ADVANCED AQUARIUM TECHNOLOGIES’ existing LSS Research, Development and Production operation that was first established in 2008. The company now employs close to 100 technicians and support staff, including Electrical, Design and Engineering, Construction and Fabrication, Drafting, Theming specialists, Water Quality and Animal Husbandry staff from China, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil and Thailand.

Luciano Antonini, Operations Manager (AAT), Dr Gerd Jonas, Director Project Business (Evonik Industries), John Langmead, CEO (AAT), Wolfgang Stuber, Manager Project Business (Evonik Industries), Martin Van Dijk, Design Engineer (AAT) at the AAT ACRYLICS production plant in Guangdong, China.